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Envelope yourself in a cocoon of comfort and relaxation at Probeau Wellness. You will be in the best of hands of our attentive, caring, professional and trained therapists. Relax while they bring you through a consultation, analyze your skin, customise the best treatment for you and educate you on caring for your skin and body.

At Probeau Wellness, we don’t just care about your skin, we care about you.

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Founded by Aileen Teng in 1994, she is the mother of Probeau Wellness.

Aileen was drawn to skin care and beauty early on in her teenage life as she was plagued with skin conditions like acne and eczema growing up. Anyone suffering from skin conditions would know the frustrations of experimenting with different types of skin care in the market in a desperate attempt to improve the skin.

Determined to find a solution for her skin, Aileen dived deep into research and started to develop solutions and treatments. She discovered that the root of many skin conditions lies in our health, particularly in the body’s lymphatic system.


A congestion in the lymphatic system can lead to the build-up of toxins in our body. When toxins accumulate in our body, it breaks out through the skin, in the form of acne, eczyma, pimples and spots.

Combining the best of western and eastern techniques, Aileen created a unique treatment to stimulate the lymphatic system, enhance blood flow and balance the body’s ‘Yin’ and ‘Yang’.


It is the unique combination of lymphatic drainage system and good skin care regime that helped her achieve a healthier body and beautiful glowing skin she now enjoys.

Inspired with newfound wisdom, continuous pursuit of medical and skin care knowledge, passion for people and sincerity of heart, Aileen has helped countless women with their skin conditions in Probeau Wellness. These women not only developed an inner well being, but have also emerged with beautiful skin, giving them a brand new outlook and confidence for their lives.


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Aileen Teng

As the visionary leader of Probeau Wellness, Aileen Teng has been involved in every aspect of the skincare business since she started in 1994. Under her leadership and together with her team of highly skilled practioners, they build Probeau Wellness on the strong foundations of tested knowledge, accumulation of skills, remarkable results, amazing testimonies and a loyal following. For the past 20 over years, Probeau Wellness has grown from a mere beauty salon to a wellness centre, earning them Singapore’s Top 100 SME award for Beauty and Wellness in 2014.